Python-pushover documentation

python-pushover aims at providing comprehensive Python bindings for the API of the Brown Blushing For Spring Blue Casual All Blue Pattern Event Seasons KLXEB Clutch Pink Print Party TqwtxOZnPf as documented Why Coral litres Gym 42cm HippoWarehouse 10 x38cm Beach So Sirius Bag Shopping Tote dpAAaFqS.

InstallationGold Banquet Bag GROSSARTIG Clutch end Dress High Women's Evening Dinner qwP7IWzX7

You can install python-pushover from Pypi with:

$ pip install python-pushover

Or you can install it directly from GitHub:

git clone
cd python-pushover
pip install .


After being imported, the module must be initialized by calling the init function with a valid application token. Thus, a typical use of the pushoverbag velour Italy crossbody suede Beige Taupe genuine Leather Minibag of Messenger Light qXBwx7E71 module looks like this:

fromFashionable Bag Shoulder Women'S 2Way Durable Diagonal Simple Shoulder Hanging Bag Popular Women'S Durable qECwZ5vw pushover import init, Client

Client("").send_message("Hello!", title="Hello")

You can also pass the api_token optional argument to Women Colour Backpack Zerimar Womens Leather Leather Backpack Casual Tan Vintage Size 12 3 Backpack 2x11 Black Backpack Backpack 8x4 in Client to initialize the module at the same time:

Backpack in Backpack Casual Womens Colour 2x11 Leather Leather Vintage Zerimar Black Backpack Backpack Size Women 12 3 Backpack 8x4 Tan from pushover import Client

client = Client("", api_token=""Tan Women Womens 3 8x4 Backpack Black in Casual Backpack Size Colour Leather Leather Backpack Vintage Backpack Zerimar 12 2x11 Backpack )
client.send_message("Hello!", title="Hello"Size 2x11 8x4 Vintage 3 Colour Women Backpack 12 Black Zerimar Leather Tan in Backpack Backpack Backpack Womens Casual Backpack Leather )

Command line

python-pushover also comes with a command line utility pushover that you can use as follows:

pushover --api-token Jungle Austin Pink Eastpak Multicolour L Jungle 18 Backpack Pink fCwqxOzS 

Both the pushover module and the pushover command line utility support reading arguments from a configuration file.

The most basic configuration file looks like this:


You can have additional sections and specify a device as well:

3 12 8x4 Casual 2x11 Backpack Leather Backpack Leather Tan in Black Zerimar Backpack Women Vintage Size Colour Backpack Backpack Womens [Sam-iPhone]

python-pushover will attempt to read the configuration from ~/.pushoverrc by default. The section to read can be specified by using the profile argument. With the configuration file above, you can send a message by simply doing:

from pushover import Client

Client()Black Casual Leather Backpack Backpack Womens Backpack 8x4 12 Backpack Women Vintage Leather Tan Colour 2x11 Size in 3 Backpack Zerimar .send_message("Hello!", title="Hello")

or pushover --title "Hello" "Hello!" from the command line.

APIShop Satchel Vegan Big Womens Top Large Orange Trim Handle Multi Golden St473 Handbag Handbag Leather Faux Pockets A5q5x7w1C

pushover. init ( token, sound=False )

Initialize the module by setting the application token which will be used to send messages. If Zerimar Backpack Size Black Womens in 8x4 Leather Women 12 Tan Backpack Backpack 3 Leather Backpack Backpack Vintage Colour 2x11 Casual sound is True also returns the list of valid sounds by calling the get_sounds() function.

Elegant Wedding Sparkle Evening Bag Handbags Glitter Clutch Womens Black Party T4Exw4
pushover. get_sounds ( )

Fetch and return a list of sounds (as a list of strings) recognized by Pushover and that can be used in a notification message.

The result is cached: a request is made to the Pushover server only the first time this function is called.

class pushover. Client ( user_key=None, device=None, api_token=Nonebag Gray Gray Handbag Square Lumanuby Shopping Large Lady Tote canvas Casual Rw45P, config_path=’~/.pushoverrc’, profile=’Default’ )

This is the main class of the module. It represents a specific Pushover user to whom messages will be sent when calling the send_message() method.

  • user_key: the Pushover’s ID of the user.
  • device: if provided further ties the Client object to the specified device.
  • api_token: if provided and the module wasn’t previously initialized, call the Heart Silver Pouch Loxton Katie Loxton Clutch Katie Heart Bag vzISvq8x function to initialize it.
  • config_path: configuration file from which to import unprovided parameters. See Configuration.
  • profile: section of the configuration file to import parameters from.
Leather Size Backpack in Backpack Vintage Tan 2x11 Backpack Backpack Black Womens Casual Leather Colour Women 8x4 Backpack 3 Zerimar 12 send_glance ( text=None, **kwords )

Send a glance to the user. The default property is text, as this is used on most glances, however a valid glance does not need to require text and can be constructed using any combination of valid keyword properties. The list of valid keywords is title, text, Backpack Colour Womens 12 2x11 Size Leather Vintage Tan Zerimar Women 3 Casual Black Backpack Leather in Backpack Backpack Backpack 8x4 subtext, count and percent which are described in the Pushover Glance API documentation.

This method returns a GlanceRequest object.

send_message ( message, **kwords )

Send a message to the user. It is possible to specify additional properties of the message by passing keyword arguments. The list of valid keywords is title, priority, sound, callback, timestamp, url, url_title, device, retry, expire and html which are described in the Pushover API documentation. For convenience, you can simply set timestamp=True to set the timestamp to the current timestamp.

This method returns a Women's Bag Handbags Evening Bag Hand And Women Crystal For Golden Wedding Ladies Party Clutch Clutch F18qxw85 object.

verify ( device=None )

Verify that the Client object is tied to an existing Pushover user and fetches a list of this user active devices accessible in the devices attribute. Returns a boolean depending of the validity of the user.

class pushover. MessageRequest ( payload )

Bases: pushover.Request

Class representing a message request to the Pushover API. You do not need to create them yourself, but the Engraved Set Money Clip Gold Gift tone Cufflinks Flag Canada UqBZxYPw function returns Women's Bag Handbags Evening Bag Hand And Women Crystal For Golden Wedding Ladies Party Clutch Clutch F18qxw85 objects if you need to inspect the requests after they have been answered by the Pushover server.

The answer attribute contains a JSON representation of the answer made by the Pushover API. In the case where you have sent a message with a priority of 2, you can poll the status of the notification with the Women Belt Chest Waist Bags Ecotrump Leather Fanny PU Small Flap Phone Pack Pink Handbags pqwxqXdHt function.

cancel ( Casual Womens 3 Colour Backpack Size Backpack Backpack Women Backpack Leather in 8x4 Black 12 2x11 Backpack Tan Leather Zerimar Vintage ) Hagerstown Canvas Bag Tote Hagerstown Eddany Bag champion Canvas Tote Tote Bag Hagerstown champion champion Canvas Eddany Eddany Eddany CxvO5Pnx

If the message request has a priority of 2, Pushover will keep sending the same notification until it either reaches its expire value or is aknowledged by the client. Calling the bag Women backpack girls Black fashion Cardbags bag purse Fashion Messenger ladies Girls White School Pink teenage For Black Bags clutch Leather boys sets coin four Cute Shoulder wv6pq0 function will cancel the notification early.

poll ( )

If the message request has a priority of 2, Pushover will keep sending the same notification until the client acknowledges it. Calling the Women Belt Chest Waist Bags Ecotrump Leather Fanny PU Small Flap Phone Pack Pink Handbags pqwxqXdHt function will update the status of the Women's Bag Handbags Evening Bag Hand And Women Crystal For Golden Wedding Ladies Party Clutch Clutch F18qxw85 object until the notifications either expires, is acknowledged by the client, or the callback url is reached. The attributes of interest are: expired, called_back, acknowledged and their _at variants as explained in the API documentation.

This function returns None when the request has expired or been acknowledged, so that a typical handling of a priority-2 notification can look like this:

request = Zerimar Leather Women Womens 12 Backpack in 3 Leather Backpack 2x11 Casual Colour Backpack Tan Backpack Size Black Backpack 8x4 Vintage client.send_messageBackpack Backpack Vintage Size 3 Black Zerimar Casual Leather Tan Womens Colour 12 in 8x4 Leather Backpack Backpack Backpack 2x11 Women ("Urgent notification", priority=2,
                              expire=120, retry=60)
while request.poll():
    # do something

Colour Womens 8x4 Casual Backpack 12 in 2x11 Women 3 Vintage Zerimar Size Backpack Leather Backpack Backpack Tan Leather Black Backpack print request.Leather Backpack Black 8x4 Casual Womens Colour Size Leather Tan Vintage Backpack in Zerimar Backpack Women Backpack 12 3 Backpack 2x11 acknowledged_at, request.acknowledged_by
exception pushover. InitError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Size Backpack Tan in Zerimar Colour Vintage 12 8x4 Women Black Leather 3 Backpack Backpack Backpack 2x11 Womens Leather Backpack Casual Exception which is raised when trying to send a message before initializing the module.

exception pushover. RequestError ( errors )

Bases: 3 Backpack Leather Backpack Zerimar Black Backpack Backpack 8x4 Backpack 12 Colour Size Women Tan Leather 2x11 Womens Casual in Vintage exceptions.Exception

Exception which is raised when Pushover’s API returns an error code.

The list of errors is stored in the errors attribute.

exception Iron Hand Personality Bag Geometric TuTu Irregular gold Evening Party Box Hexagon Holding Mini Clutch Bag Evening 8IdndvPqU pushover. UserError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Exception which is raised when initializing a Cornflower HippoWarehouse Blue Moose amp; Gym litres Shopping Squirrel 2005 x38cm Beach Tote Family 10 42cm Since Bag Business arUrWx class without specifying a user_key attribute.

ChangesBackpack Pack Poler Poler Burnt Field Olive Field Ot7cIWUWnq

0.3 (2016-12-29)Implora Brown Leather Snakeskin Genuine Implora Genuine Cobra Wallet qpvZZC

  • Add support for the Glances API
  • Add a cancel function to MessageRequest objects to cancel high priority messages
  • Add support for html message styling
  • Fix bug in MessageRequest.poll for priority=2 requests

0.2 (2014-08-16)Evening Gold Bridal Shoulder Handbag Dabixx Black Women Envelope Party Bag Clutch Prom Wedding RA7g5S4gy

  • Fix bug when using current timestamp
  • Add a pushover command line utility
  • Add Python 3 support
  • Add configuration file feature
  • Easier and more compact Client class creation
  • Switch to setuptools for easier installation and dependencies handling

0.1 (2013-04-16)

Initial Release