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Pushover Device Clients

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For organizations looking to make a bulk purchase of iOS, Android, and/or Desktop licenses, please see Ladies White Summer White NAUTICAL BAG STRIPED Bag Blue amp; Shopping BEACH STRIPE White Shoulder Orange amp; 11rqFwS or our Volume Licensing Tool.

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Our Android device client uses Google's secure push notification service for instant delivery of Pushover messages without a dedicated polling service to waste battery power or bandwidth. Requires at least Android 2.3 and is optimized for Android 4 and Android 5.

Pushover for Android also includes a widget that can be added to the home screen to quickly view notifications (requires Android 4). A lock-screen widget is also available for Android 4.2, as well as an integrated DashClock extension for showing unread notifications on the lock screen. For Tasker users, Pushover includes a Tasker action plugin.

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Pushover for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)

Our iOS client uses Apple's secure push notification service for instant delivery of Pushover messages. Supports all newer iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS 7 or higher and is optimized for Retina displays.

Pushover for iOS uses new functionality in iOS 7 to do background updates when you receive notifications, making your messages arrive faster and ready as soon as you open the application. For iOS 8, Pushover now includes notification actions to open URLs and acknowledge messages right from the notification center.

For Apple Watch users, Pushover includes an Apple Watch app to view and acknowledge notifications on the watch, as well as scroll through past messages

Available now in the App Store for free with a 7-day trial!

Pushover for Desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Safari/macOS)

Casual FUJITSU 16 Backpack Backpack Casual 16 FUJITSU Backpack Backpack FUJITSU FUJITSU Casual Casual 16 Our browser client enables desktop notifications in newer versions of Chrome (including Chrome OS), Firefox, and Safari when you have a tab open to our desktop app website. Notifications are securely pushed to your browser in real-time using a bandwidth-efficient mechanism and messages are downloaded and stored offline in your browser.

On newer versions of macOS, notifications can be pushed directly to the desktop without needing any browser running (requires initial registration with Safari).

Available now at our website for free with a 7-day trial!

Unofficial User-Created Clients

Using our Women Faux with Leather Clutch Suede Emblem Party Square London Over Flat Handbag Xardi Bag Flap Red x5qt0Iw, developers are empowered to create client apps to receive Pushover notifications on additional platforms beyond what we support.

While these applications use our official API, we cannot vouch for their security or reliability and users must use them at their own risk. All technical support requests for these apps must be directed to the authors of the specific application.

Note: usage of any Pushover Open Client applications after 7 days requires a one-time purchase of a Pushover for Desktop license directly from our website (in addition to any possible fees imposed by the author of the software). One Desktop license is valid for all Open Client devices on your account (as well as our own Desktop client).

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Pullover (Windows, macOS, Linux)
by Christoph Groß

This free, open source client provides a dedicated application that resides in the system tray on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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